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Welcome to the John D.S. Scannell website.
A multi-disiplinary, award winning artist, John has been actively working in the creative arts for over 20 years.  He may be new on the scene when it comes to the playground of childrens book author/illustrators, but he feels like he was meant to play hop-scotch, and swing on the monkey bars his whole life.  He's just looking forward to finally launching off the swingset!

John is pleased to have just finished his very first book, "Cory the Kaleidoscope Cockatoo and his Quest to Create the Cucumber Castle", and has many, many more in the pipeline.  Be sure to check back to see what comes next!


Come with Cory, the Kaleidescope Cockatoo, on his crazy quest to construct a castle completely out of cucumbers. Along with his flock of cohorts, discover a book that was carefully composed to creatively, and comically captivate your company. It was also crafted so that kids can comprehend some complex content ...all in context of course.



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